When I first started dancing with a cane / stick, I used an old wooden walking stick which I inherited from my grandad and happily used for years.


Then, when I was in Turkey on holiday I bought my first “proper” cane. I was very happy because it was much lighter and easier to execute the moves with than the fat, large walking stick!  However, after a very short time and having whacked the end on the floor a few times – the handle came off!  No problem!  I discarded the handle and I had a straight cane.  No problem - in fact the cane was better as it was more suited to my height!

What is a good size?  You need to be able to swing your cane round at your side without it banging on the floor and when tapping (whacking in my case!!) the floor – with the cane - you should not have to bend forward to do it.  When I put my hand on the cane it comes just above my hip and I find this is the best guide to the height of cane for me.

I have had a few enquiries about buying canes.  However, I don’t stock them very often – why? The reason is because they cost a lot to ship to England and then once they are here they cost a lot to ship out to customers – all because of their awkward shape.  This just drives the price up for an otherwise cheap item. This got me thinking; WHY NOT MAKE ONE??

As it is winter, maybe the weather means you are staying inside more and looking for a fun craft project, so here are my ideas on making a fancy, but straight, dance cane.  Maybe it will inspire you to have a go!  I hope so!

Materials Needed:

·       A length of dowel (to your size, see above - ask the DIY store to cut it for you if needed!) OR a length of bamboo cane.  This will be your straight, dance cane. 

·       Glue and thin brush

·       Sticky tape

·       At least 2.5 – 3 metres of fancy sequined ribbon, satin ribbon, present wrapping ribbon OR any other ribbon.  Alternatively, use metallic coloured sticky tape. (If you choose to use only metallic coloured sticky tape you will not need glue.)




What to Do:
  1. Check your design by twisting the ribbon around the cane (secure it with a little sticky tape at the top) to make sure you have enough ribbon and that you like the look.  You may wish to use 2 different ribbons or other embellishments.  This is the fun part so let your imagination go wild!   Choose the effect you like best.
  2. Spread a little glue on just one side of the cane to about a quarter of the way down the stick.  This helps hold the ribbon securely but doesn’t get glue everywhere.
  3. Fix the ribbon to the top of the cane, holding it in place with your hand.
  4. Start to wind your ribbon, in a diagonal fashion, down the cane, PULLING IT VERY TIGHT EACH TIME and checking it meets the last twist of the ribbon so there are no gaps showing the dowel or bamboo. Avoid wrinkling the ribbon too much too!
  5. Use more glue to about halfway and continue as above until the cane is covered.
  6. If you are using another ribbon on top of your first, repeat with a more open diagonal wind to allow the first ribbon to show. (No glue needed just use sticky tape at the ends to hold in place.)
  7. Finish off the ends by gluing ribbon around the ends of your cane.  This holds the other ribbons in place, looks attractive and makes a comfortable handling area on the stick. Allow to dry.
  8. Dance, dance, dance - with your beautiful cane of course!!

The cost? 

78p for the dowel from a national DIY store

Bamboo cane which I found in the garden shed

£1.50 for a bundle of ribbons from the market (loads of which I have left over for other projects)

99p for glue

Left over gift ribbons/sticky tape from Christmas

An old eye shadow brush



Here is Nichola from London's Cane - Lovely glittery silver!


Here is Angela's from London she went for a sexy black one: 

Angela's stick Belly dance cane Bellydance stck


HAVE YOU MADE A DANCE CANE??? If so send us your pictures and we'll add it to the article (send them either by email zara.abdel@gmail.com or by facebook www.facebook.com/ZarasZouk )