What's On


Click on these upcoming 2018 events for more info: 


Monthly Feb - June - Brixton, London:  LECTURE SERIES Hosted by Anna Kemper - Zara's talk will be in May but every month is someone interesting and giving a chance for education and information, Dancing in Cairo by Zara (and Zara's Zouk will be there too)!

April 22nd - Hoxton Hall, London: The Arab Quarterly Live Music and Bellydance Show Hosted by Melanie Norman and Hassan Mostafa - meet Zara's Zouk

May 12th - AyZee Spring Hafla, Ledbury - Come and meet Zara's Zouk

May 27th  LECTURE SERIES Dancing in Cairo by Zara (and Zara's Zouk will be there too)! Hosted by Anna Kemper - Brixton, London 

July 6th 7th 8th - Torquay, Devon: Spa Dance Break - Hosted by Shona Hagen Zara performing and giving workshops

July 8th - Hoxton Hall, London: The Arab Quarterly Live Music and Bellydance Show Hosted by Melanie Norman and Hassan Mostafa - meet Sandra and Zara's Zouk

July 14th - Summer Spectacular Show by Jawahir Bellydance - Leighton Park School,  Reading - come and meet Zara's Zouk

July 23rd-29th - Cairo, Egypt: Kan Ya Makan Hosted by Dalida Galy Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore Festival - Zara performing and giving workshops

August 4th/5th - Cardigan, Wales: Cardigan Bellydance Festival - meet Zara's Zouk

September 29th - Shimmytastic Bellydance showcase & Disco, - Hosted by Rachel Bennett Twyford  7 - 10pm

October - Lampeter, Wales:  World Dance Festival -  meet Zara's Zouk

October 26th-28th Torquay, Devon:  Celebrating Dance Festival Zara performing and giving workshops and meet Zara's Zouk