Do you want to set goals that you ACTUALLY go on to achive?

Below is a simple template for you to follow to set your goals for 2012.  Just follow the steps and read the examples in the boxes to get an idea of what to do and then make your goals for 2012!

sit down with a cup of tea put on some relaxing music, turn your mobile off and just enjoy.........................



Setting your Belly Dance Goals for 2012

What were your achievements for 2011? What were your disappointments for 2011?
List here what you achieved and are proud of from the past year- big or small and don't be shy or hold back….I started back at belly dance classes and attended them every week. I went to Egypt for dance training. I joined a stage school and performed. I made lots of new dance friends...... List all your disappointments.  It is important to face up to them…..I didn't do as well as I liked in the stage performance,  I started doing stomach exercise every day but only lasted a week.  I gave up trying to learn sagats…….
What helped your achievements happen? Why did these disappointments happen?
Look at each of your achievements and see why they happened: I paid for all my classes up front so went to them all.  I just went for it with the stage school and Egypt.  My teachers were great.  I was more open ….. Why did your disappointments occur: I got upset and insecure at the performance cos I felt other dancers were better than me.  This also made me nervous.  I hated that I didn't find the sagats easy to master.  I was lazy and gave up easily . 
What have you learnt about yourself from your success and the reasons they happened?
Here look at the reasons for your achievements and disappointments and see what you have learnt about yourself: I really achieve well when I have an end aim or time set out and a reason for doing something; otherwise I get lazy and give up. Paying up front for classes meant I couldn't make excuses not to go and I always make up excuses not to do things.  I am some what insecure with my dancing and give up easily when I can't do things first time - unless I am being driven by someone or something. 
What do I want to achieve in 2012 and continue achieving from 2011? Using what I have learnt from the past year about myself how can I ensure I achieve these goals are achieved?
List EVERYTHING you would like to do in 2012 for belly dance:  I want to improve my dance even further; go on another course in Egypt; choreograph a drum solo; learn to belly roll; learn other forms of belly dance........... Why did your disappointments occur: I didn't give myself clear aims and deadlines to help me achive. Making excuses prevents me achivieving.  My insecurites prevent me from improving so I need to stop this and be more confident.
Summary: Set yourself a mantra.  Set overall goals and then pick 5 specific goals adding a date and method of achievement. 
I am a proactive and confident dancer which leads to me achieving my goals and improves my dance.  

General Goals:
I aim to be more confident,  less concerned with other people's dancing and more with my own.  I aim to be proactive and not to make excuses.

Top 5 Specific Goals:
Chorography drum solo for the Hafla in June. 
Start back at classes - pay for 10 classes in advance.
Find a class/course which teaches sagats this spring.
I will attend a workshop every 2 months – to ensure I am actively pushing myself. 
Find and book a dance trip to Egypt for the summer period.