Egyptians basically use any vegetable which can be filled.  The most common (or rather my favourites) are: courgettes, baby aubergines, cabbage leaves and peppers. 




The recipe I give here is, like most Egyptian dishes, suitable for vegetarians.






Vegetables suitable for stuffing


Cooking oil


2 medium onions


½ cup of rice (short grain for a true Egyptian dish)


1 tin tomato puree


Fresh dill leaves


Fresh coriander leaves and/or parsley leaves (whichever you prefer)


Salt and black pepper


Vegetable stock (you can use chicken stock if you prefer)









1)      Prepare the vegetables for stuffing by washing them and removing the inside as needed.  Cabbage leaves should be par-cooked and laid out flat ready for stuffing


2)      Chop the onions and fry gently in oil to soften


3)      Add tomato puree and fresh green herbs (about a big handful)


4)      Add rice


5)      Add salt and pepper and stir for a moment then remove from heat.


6)      Start stuffing the vegetables ¾ full with the rice mix.


7)      To stuff cabbage leaves - place a spoon of rice mix on the leaf then roll up as you tuck in the sides of the leaf


8)      Lay extra cabbage leaves at the bottom of a saucepan and place stuffed vegetables on top


9)      Pour stock over the stuffed vegetables and cook on hob or in oven until the rice is cooked (keep an eye on the amount of stock and top up if needed)


10)  Serve – I like them on their own!!