Koshari - The favourite Egyptian fast food!  In my experience kids and adults alike don’t like this to be cooked at home and prefer the take-away version! There are shops on nearly every corner selling it.  0ne of best is considered to be "Koshari El Tahria" which is near El-Boston Mall. The owners of the Koshari shops often make attractive displays in their windows  with the containers from which the rice, macaroni and lentils are cooked and served. It acts as a good advertisement.  If you order a small size to take-away (suitable for a child) then it's served in a plastic bag and you suck it out from one of the corners!  Great fun for kids!  lol



However, as the take away shops are not available here, this is how to make it at home:



Small tin of tomato puree

½ tin water

½ tin white vinegar

3 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon flaked chilli (check taste as these can be very hot and adjust to taste or use fresh chillies)

1 teaspoon ground cumin

Salt and pepper

Cooking Oil

1 cup of rice (Egyptians use short grain rice)

1 cup of brown lentils

1 cup of short pasta (macaroni)

2 onions sliced into rings

1 or 2 lemons for serving – good squeezed over the koshari


The Main:

1)      First put three saucepans of lightly salted water on to boil and cook the rice, lentils and pasta (once cooked strain and set aside - keep separate)

Chilli Tomato Sauce (Shatta in Egypt):

2)      Chop the garlic

3)      Cook garlic in oil until soft then add the vinegar

4)      Stir in the tomato puree, vinegar and water

5)      The consistency should be like a pasta sauce (add more water if needed)

6)      Add cumin, salt and pepper and chilli (to your taste)


7)      Fry onions in oil ‘till crispy


8)      Into individual bowls layer rice, lentils and pasta

9)      Add some of the tomato sauce to each bowl

10)   Top with crispy onions and a little of the oil they were cooked in

11)   Heat through if needed, add a lemon wedge, some chickpeas (optional) and enjoy!