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General Questions

Placing an Order

Mailing Information



Booking Zara or Dancers for an Event


General Questions:

 Q:  Where are you based?

A:  Our address is: 62 Belgrave Road, Walthamstow, London E17 8QE,  UK

Q:  Do you have a shop?

A:  No, we do not have a shop.  However, you can email us for an invitation to come to the house to try on any item you are interested in with absolutely no obligation to buy.  

Q:  But I am not in London.  What can I do?

A:  We also have Zara’s Mobile Zouk which attends haflahs  and other events  with a variety of our belly dance goodies so if we are near your area just email us to make sure we bring along the item/s you are interested in and try them on there! Alternatively, we have a good returns policy, so you can shop online with confidence!  

Q: What type of events does Zara’s Mobile Zouk go to?

A:  We are happy to attend any special event with a dance theme: Haflahs, workshops, competitions, shows etc.  We bring a good variety of items for sale and if you wish we can also give a short fashion show!

Q:  How can I book Zara’s Mobile Zouk?

A:  Email us your location and date of event for more information

 Placing an Order: 

Q: What happens when I place an order online?

A:  We send an email to confirm your order and say when it will be posted to you.

Q:  Is it safe to make a payment online?

A:  The payment part uses security which encrypts your card and payment details.

Q:  How do I make an online purchase?

A:  It is very easy.  When you see something you like, click on the “Add to cart”  button.  When you have chosen the item/s you want to buy click on “proceed to checkout” and you will go to the checkout.  You will be asked a few questions, which may seem a bit of a bother, but if you buy anything in the future the process will be much quicker.

Q: How will you use my information?

A:  Your information is  used so we can process your orders quickly and so we can give the best service.  We will do everything we can to protect your privacy and keep your information safe according to the Data Protection Act

Q:  How can I pay?

A:  You can pay by PayPal using credit card or even by cheque.

Q:  I don’t want to order online.  What can I do?

A:  We accept mail orders with a cheque.  Our address is at the top of the page. And you can phone or text us – find these on the “Contact Us” page

 Mailing Information:

Q:  How long before I receive my item/s?

A:  It usually takes between 2 – 7 days.

Q:  How are items sent?

A:  We send items by Royal Mail first class or first class recorded delivery.  Very expensive items are sent Royal Mail insured.

Q:  How much does postage cost to the UK?

A:  Up to the value of £80.00 it costs £4.50 to UK

      Over £80.00 postage is free to UK

Q:  How much does postage cost to Europe and ROI?

A:  The postage is a set amount of £8.99

Q:  How much does it cost to the rest of the world?

A:  The postage is a set amount of £12.99

Q:  What if my item does not arrive?

A:  We ask for items to have a signature on delivery.  More expensive items are sent with extra insurance from Royal Mail.  We keep all proofs of posting and would pursue Royal Mail for explanation and possible compensation.  However, this can take a long time! 


Q:  What happens if I don’t like an item or it doesn’t suit me?

A:  No problem!  You return the item to Zara’s Zouk and once it has arrived we will refund the cost, usually within 2 days,  in the same way as you made the payment.  

Q:  How long do I have to send the item back?

A:  We expect it back within a month – 30 days - in the same condition as it reached you. 

Q:  How do I get the item to you?

A:  Usually it is possible to re-use the packaging it came in.  Use Royal Mail and it is best to get a signature on arrival.  Our address is at the top of the page 

Q:  Do you refund the postage?

A:  We are sorry.  We do not refund postage.   .


Q: Do you teach classes?

A: Currently I do not teach any group classes. However I do, do some one on one classes contact me for more details. 

Booking Zara or Dancers for an Event

Q: How much is it for you to dance at an event?

A: The price of performance depends on the location of the event, the time, day of the week and how many songs and costume changes you would like – therefore go to the contact page and contact Zara by either email or phone for a quote. 

Q: Can you provide more that one dancer?

A: Yes, I can organise up to5 dancers for an even.

Q: Can you organise a band? 

A: This can be arranged.


Q:  Will you send out lots of emails once you have my email address?

A:  We email to confirm orders or answer queries.  We have a monthly email newsletter, a mixture of articles, news and marketing, which we send out.  If you do not wish to receive any more newsletters, there is a remove me option to use.

Q:  What if my question has not been answered here?

A:  Please email us and ask – our details are on the “Contact Us” page