Feeling overwhelmed, relaxed, happy and gorgeously sun kissed, my boyfriend and I stand on the platform at Luton, waiting for a train to London. We had just touched down at Luton airport having spent over a week in Barcelona.  We had loved it! On the platform stood an older man with his middle aged daughter.  They had suitcases too and had obviously been on holiday as well. The man asked where we had been and I tell him how great our holiday was. I did as anybody would, and politely asked him the question back. He replied Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. Hmmm. I think Sharm is not one of my favourite places in Egypt; I find it a bit soulless and commercial. It isn’t really representative of Egyptian culture.


We continue our conversation and I explain I am half Egyptian. He tells me how he had been on MANY holidays to lots of different areas of Egypt. I mentioned how one of the best parts of our holiday was the food.   Barcelona’s restaurants were mouth watering!  Now, this is the point where it all goes sour.   He says that it was the one thing his holiday lacked - good food. He then continued by saying that he had yet to find good food in Egypt. Not noticing my frown and obvious insult on my face, he went on to tell me how bad the food in Egypt is! WHAT! AUGHHHH!  I wanted to punch the man. How ignorant and how rude!  I had just told him that I am Egyptian…..surely you don’t then go on to completely insult my country's food??!!   I was sure steam was coming out of my ears!   My boyfriend had spotted the change in my eye colour to red and diplomatically  said we had better move down the platform as the train was about to arrive. The relaxed feeling of my holiday – GONE!


This wasn’t the first time it had happened.  Actually it was about the 4th time that I had met someone and they had complained about Egyptian food.  They would often also go on to complain about how dirty Cairo was (which the man on the platform ALSO did), but that I can understand.  However, I personally think the dirt is part of what makes it the amazing, busy, crazy, exciting place it is.


I always ask what they tried and what they ate. They reply things like TGI Fridays and steak. I mean come on,  steak!? This is not something ordinary Egyptians eat.  No wonder they think the food is bad.  How can you go to the Middle East and eat western food!?  The problem is they aren’t eating what most Egyptians eat and most importantly what Egyptians eat in the home. Egyptian cuisine is mostly based around beans, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit.  Sometimes meat and fish.  Tourists are eating commercial food that is most probably over priced and not the best! Most restaurants attached to hotels serve food they think their customers want rather than an authentic Egyptian menu.


SOOOO! I am on a mission to change people's opinions about Egyptian food and as I can’t afford to fly you all out to Egypt and get my aunts to cook you up some of the best food you’ll ever eat I have decided to post some easy recipes which I hope you enjoy cooking and even more importantly love eating!